Why use 360° feedback for lawyers

As law firms evolve and embrace the changes the Legal Services Act will bring the roles and expectations of lawyers within those firms also change. Technical excellence and fee generation alone are no longer enough. It is increasingly important for lawyers to demonstrate strategic vision, good leadership abilities and effective management skills.  Working relationships with peers, juniors and other professionals as well as client relationships will come under increasing scrutiny as Law firms focus on results achieved and how they are being achieved. Law firms need to identify the values and behaviours which will help them to grow and meet their goals.

360 feedback is a great way to measure some of these skills both at an individual and firm level. To do this successfully the 360 tool used must be specific, appropriate to the lawyers using it and give clear feedback reports. 360 degree feedback is far more than just an assessment or appraisal process. Done properly with the right tool, it is a powerful, informative and motivating experience for participants. It also provides rich data and clarity about where to focus development initiatives and resources.

What does lawyer360 offer

lawyer360 offers specialist 360 tools designed by legal professionals which provide relevant, comprehensive feedback to enhance self-awareness and facilitate personal and professional growth. 

We work with individuals, teams, small and large law firms to ensure you get a 360 process which is

 • Designed to meet your development agendas

 • Provides competencies tailored to the appraisee's role

 • Understood by appraisee and respondents

 • Translates into meaningful feedback reports

 • Underpins robust personal development plans

 • Provides organisational learning

 • Identifies potential training needs

Lawyer360 is fast and easy to use

Our web-based system offers simple set up, easy management and rapid access to completed reports. Clear and comprehensive feedback reports, workbooks and other support materials included.

360° feedback with flexibility when you need it

Our 360 service is flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs - you only pay for the parts you want. Use our ready to go competency frameworks, use your own bespoke competencies or work with us to fully customise your 360 feedback.   Ask about our competitive rates.

Train your team to use Lawyer360

Pre 360 workshops for your staff  - These are designed to enhance understanding, dispel concerns, explain the 360 process and highlight the value of constructive feedback

Training for your team in using 360 and facilitating feedback - one day workshop to enable you team to get the best out of feedback reports, facilitate feedback and creating compelling development plans 

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Fast track your learning using our 360° feedback practitioners

Get the most out of your 360 project  by working with one of our 360 practitioners. Services include 

 • Individual facilitated feedback sessions

 • Team development following 360 identifying organisational learning and creating    

   collective goals

 • Individual or team coaching

 • Support in developing a coaching approach to Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

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360 degree feedback by Appraisal360